There is an old Native American saying which says: “There has always been a flute, just as there have always been young people. The flute is as old as the world”. Archeological discoveries may lend credence to this saying, as to date, the flute is documented as being the oldest discovered instrument.
I'm so happy to discover this instrument for the pleasure of my self and others.

How I discovered my passion

My name is Aris Godins and I'm from Latvia. When I was 40 years old, I realized that I would like to change something in my life and I started looking for easy music instrument which I can learn to play and I found Native American stile flute. First of all I learned how to play it, after than I learned how to make it. And I fell in love with all this. I'm very grateful for the changes this instrument has brought into my life.
Now we both with my beautiful wife and two nice dogs are live in the middle of the forest near to the Baltic sea in Latvia, and using only solar energy making this wonderful wood wind instruments.

  • Did you know that these Native American flutes were originally called Love flutes?
    They are also considered an instrument of the Soul, because they create a world of beautiful sounds with the help of human breath.
    At the same time, the thought of the transformation experienced by the wood, after which it experiences a new, wonderful life filled with creativity, seems amazing.
    With this musical instrument, there is an opportunity to discover a new, hitherto unknown world, as well as to discover yourself and get to know it anew.
    Dare and see for yourself!

  • At the same time, next to the beautiful flutes you can find amazingly beautiful and special flute bags made of natural wool created by the artist Sandra from Latvia! Take a look!!!

  • This flutes I made from different kind of wood. For example: Sapele, Red padauk, Amazakoue, Wenge, Purple heart, Bird eye maple, Walnut and other kind of wood.